The University offers students the opportunity to use a hire car booked via Enterprise rent a car.

This is on the understanding that the cost would be recharged to you, and you would reimburse the University once you have made a claim for Travel and Dual Accommodation Expenses via your NHS LSF account. The University accepts no liability should the NHS Business Service Authority refuse to pay a claim, it is important that students check that a claim will be paid before making a booking or incurring any costs.

Please follow this link if you require more information about the LSF:

Students must be over 18 at the start of the hire period and have a full driving licence. Endorsements/points on a licence will not affect eligibility to use a hire car unless a driver is serving a ban.

If we don't have a copy of your Driving Licence on your student record from previous bookings, you will be asked to provide one.

Hire Car Request Form

Please use this form to make a request for the Placement Unit to book a Hire Car to facilitate your attendance at placement.

This would be on the understanding that the cost would be recharged to you and you would reimburse the University once you have made a Travel and Dual Accommodation claim via your LSF account.

If this is your first booking you will need to send a copy of your Driving License to as it is required for insurance purposes.

Student name*
Unique account reference number allocated to you when you registered for your online NHS Learning Support Fund account - include SSRN
please select the discipline you are studying
please enter the town/city so we can identify the nearest Enterprise depot.
DVLA vehicle license category*
Please indicate here if your licence is for manual or automatic cars. if you have a manual licence but prefer to drive an automatic if one is available please indicate here
Placement start date*
collection will be the day before this, unless placement commences on a Monday in which case it will be the Saturday before
Placement end date*
the car will be need to returned the next day
Reason for requesting a hire car*
please select one
Will you be carrying passengers? *
This will allow us to confirm with them, and to book a suitable sized vehicle
Reimbursement Confirmation*
Reasonable request *
Data Sharing Authorisation*
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