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A cornerstone of the partnership is the professional preparation for roles associated with working in ITE. In the partnership, there are a number of mentor training courses, which aim to provide a range of different professional development opportunities for those with varying levels of experience of working in ITE. All courses are underpinned by the National Mentor Standards (2016) and are based on a set of beliefs and values, which have been developed jointly over a period of time. Importantly mentor training is seen as ‘working with colleagues’ from school to build on what is, in some cases, substantial experience of working with students in initial teacher education. It is increasingly apparent that mentoring is a core professional characteristic with transferable skills to induction tutoring, performance management and coaching. The focus on mentoring and coaching in the progression of national standards for teachers reinforces this assertion.

No fee is charged for the courses, which are delivered remotely over two twilights via Microsoft Teams. Where an individual school (or group of schools) has 8 or more teachers requiring mentor training the University may be able to deliver the course at a local level. Please contact your Partnership Tutor (UPT) or University Partnership Lead (UPL) for further details.

To help you complete this form you can find our Mentor Training dates for 2023/24 on our Working in Partnership webpage in the Placement Offers and Mentor Training section 

Please direct any mentor training enquiries to: The Placement Unit, University of Cumbria, Bowerham Road, Lancaster, LA1 3JD. Email: mentortraining@cumbria.ac.uk

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University of Cumbria Primary Mentor Training Application 2023/24 - School and Contact Details

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Primary Mentor Training Courses

Initial Mentor Training This Initial Mentor Training course provides an introduction to mentoring in primary ITT. The main focus is on developing strategies and skills for classroom observation, coaching and debriefing. This means that the training is of value to teachers for observation and in-class coaching of early career teachers and experienced peers as well as for the mentoring of student teachers. This course is a requirement for all new Mentors working with University of Cumbria students. It is open to anyone who has QTS and successfully completed their NQT year or ECT Period.

Please note that the above training courses are held remotely over two twilights via Microsoft Teams - In addition to this, there will be a small amount of pre-course work that needs to be completed prior to the first training session.  

Update Mentor Training Mentors with three or more years experience will need to update their skills as well as their understanding of the training context (e.g. changes to programmes offered by the university or changes to statutory national ITE documentation). This update course is aimed at experienced school based tutors to provide them with the opportunity to acquire knowledge about the changing national context of ITE. You must have QTS and have completed Initial Mentor Training prior to attending this course. From September 2023 we are changing the update course to a self study online module.

Cluster Based Mentor Training: Where an individual school (or group of schools) has eight or more teachers that require Initial or Update Mentor Training, the University may be able to deliver the course at a local level. For further information on this, please contact your University Partnership Tutor (UPT) or University Programme Lead (UPL).

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